DSM Shaped Hole in My Heart

by Timothy

The pretend credibility of the DSM has been picked apart by all sides, leaving some wondering if they should wait to buy their purple beast on clearance before it’s shipped off to the incinerator of failed publishing endeavors.

The NIMH, seemingly divorced from any discussion of human experience, focused instead on biomarkers.  The APA stubbornly defends its untenable corner, trying to simultaneously agree with NIMH and maintain the sacrosanctity of the DSM.

And the most visible faces of c/s/x?  They perform a monologue solely on psychiatry, discrediting psychiatry, easy pickings to be sure. Telling a story of heroic survival of psychiatry. It is as if the confederates from Rosenhan’s experiment have taken it upon themselves to speak for all the patients. As if patienthood, rather than madness was the key to the experience.

As always, what in many ways structures this discussion is absent from its articulation: Madness. Profound transformation of the very place from which one experiences, leaving one belonging…. seemingly nowhere.

No more place, however tenuous, to point in confirmation that yes, this is real.

And yet we rare ones must persist through our everyday, malingering normal.